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Norwalk, CT 06851

Our Fall show will be GIlbert and Sullivan's first collaboration:
or, The Gods grown old

jupiterGods berate Thespis  
The Gods berate Thespis   

Saturday Nov 5 (7:30) and Sunday Nov 6 (2:30)
All Saints Catholic School, 139 West Rocks Rd, Norwalk
About Thespis
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Greg Suss Thespis
Anne Collin Nicemis
David Richy Sparkeion
Deb Connelly Daphne
Ty Goff Sillimon
Jennifer Wallace Pretteia/Solo Star
John Hoover Timidon


Brett Kroeger Mercury
Wendy Falconer Diana
John Matilaine Apollo
Rob Strom Mars
Bob Scrofani Jupiter


Chorus (and speaking parts)

Rebecca Kovacs, Rosa Parrotta, Ruth-Anne Ring, Tammy Strom (Cymon), Guy Stretton (Tipseion), Bill Abbott, Neil Flores

Our Spring show will be
HMS Pinafore,
or, The lass that loved a sailor
Captain and Buttercup
April, 2017


The Sorcerer, presented in April, 2016

Grosvenor and girls

Patience, October, 2015

Peers from iolanthe

The climax of "The March of the Peers" from our Spring 2015 performance of Iolanthe.




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