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Notice of Annual Meeting

New Trouper Trumpet, July , 2004

Show was presented:  March 19, 20, 26,27, 2004  at 8pm

March 21 at 2:30 pm

 at New Canaan High School,

New Canaan, CT

directed by Jennifer Sherron Stock
musical direction by Ralph Zeitlin


Short Attention Span Plot Summary

Tatty Titipu trombone tootling Troubadour tells tailor of temptation to troth. Tremendous Titan threatens trio; then tailor tricks Terror to thrill to his touch.

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Yum Yum
Mary Petro
Nanki Poo
Foy Spann
Craig Schreiber
The Mikado
Tom Zimmerman
Pish Tush
David Olsen
Pooh Bah
John Matilaine
Linda Palmer
Pitti Sing
Wendy Falconer
Peep Bo
Emily Skala Hull

Chorus of Nobles, Coolies, Schoolgirls and Townspeople

Holly Adams, Carey Bates, Marcia Barbiero, Carla Cooley, Emma Fyffe, Diana Gladden, Heather Handley, Maureen O'Connell, Christina Richardson, Ruth-Anne Ring, Rachel Schulte, Joan Stietzel, Joyce Veishlow, Dexter Anderson, Bill Abbott, Jim Cooper (as GoTo),  Richard Huie, Bill Lamoureux,  Jeff Schuh, Guy Stretton, Bernie Warmflash.

The Trouper Trumpet

bulletTrouper Trumpet, July, 2004
bulletTrouper Trumpet, January, 2004
bulletTrouper Trumpet, November, 2003
bulletTrouper Trumpet, October, 2003
bulletTrouper Trumpet, July, 2003
bulletTrouper Trumpet, February, 2003
bulletTrouper Trumpet, Nov-Dec, 2002
bulletTrouper Trumpet, October, 2002
bulletTrouper Trumpet, September, 2002
bulletTrouper Trumpet, July, 2002
bullet Trouper Trumpet, May, 2002

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