Mikado Rehearsal Schedule February, 2004

All 7:30 rehearsals will end promptly at 10.

PLEASE NOTE: The Feb 16 rehearsal is in Stamford (“Stam.”) at Union Memorial Church - see directionsAll other rehearsals are at First Congregational Church, Old Greenwich (“OG”).

The orchestra rehearsals are at United Congregational Church in Norwalk.
The show is at New Canaan High School.

If you will be late or absent, please call or E-mail

Anne Wachsman, Stage Mgr., wachspeople@juno.com 203-637-4205 or call her cell phone after 7pm 203-253-3584.

Principals: Abbreviations listed below after schedule


Date Time place who music staging
Mon 3/8 7:30 OG start at Glee to end, and then from beginning
Wed 3/10 7:30 OG Run Act I Finale and Act I from beginning
Sat 3/13 9-3 NC set move-in
Sat 3/13 10:30-2 OG Run entire show
Sun 3/14 9am NC set move-in
1-4 Norwalk orchestra and cast sitzprobe
Mon 3/15 7:30-11 NC tech run through on stage all called
Tue 3/16 6:30-11 NC run through- all called with costumes
Wed 3/17 6:30-11 NC dress rehearsal with costumes
Thu 3/18 6:30-11 NC final dress- costumes and makeup
Fri 3/19 6:30 NC Opening night!

Yum Yum - Yum
Peep Bo - Peep
Pitti Sing - Pitti
Katisha - Kat

Nanki Poo - Nanki

Koko - Ko

Mikado - Mik

Pooh Bah - Pooh

Pish Tush - Pish