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Photos from recent productions:


HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury
April 3, 4, 5 (mat), 10 and 11(mat and eve), 2009 New Canaan HS
(Click for directions)

Photos by Marianne Barcellona:  Trial Pinafore Backstage

Photos by Paul Cohen: Trial, Pinafore


Morning in silhouette


HMS Pinafore
Stalwart sailor seeks salt's scion as spouse. Secretive snack seller scotches stuffy statesman's scheme. Sailor succeeds.

Josephine Brooke Collins and Melanie Long will alternate
Buttercup (Mrs Cripps) Sarah Bleasdale. Marian Shulman at last performance
Cousin Hebe Marian Shulman (last perf: Helen Neafsey)
Ralph Rackstraw Christopher Wilkes
Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B. David Schancupp
Captain Corcoran John Matilaine
Dick Deadeye Martin Everall
Boatswain (Bill Bobstay) Shawn Amdur
Bob Becket (Carpenter's mate) Jim Hisey

Trial by Jury
Lost lover litigates against languid Lothario. Legal leader leaps laughingly to wedlock.

Angelina (Plaintiff) Brooke Collins and Melanie Long will alternate
Edwin (Defendant) Christopher Wilkes
The Learned Judge Martin Everall
Usher David Schancupp
Foreman of the Jury James Hisey, II
Counsel for the Plaintiff Bill McGaughey

Bridesmaids: Helen Neafsey (First Bridesmaid), Margaret Spellman, Silloo Madan, Sarah Bleasdale, Keiko Hayashida
Townspeople, and Sisters, Cousins and Aunts: Alix Bacher, Rachel Bassick,  Joyce Day, Rose Eugene, Diana Gladden, May Hayashida, Bobbie Herman, Teresa Lebel, Ruth-Anne Ring,  Joyce Veishlow

Jurors and Sailors: Shawn Amdur, Martin Diamond, Alan Hayashida, Tom Hedburg, Bill McGaughey, Richard Huie, Marc Packer, Bernie Warmflash

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