1721 - Pinafore curtain call

1691 -Trial by Jury

Trouper Trumpet, May, 2002

HMS Pinafore 
Trial by Jury 
were performed by Troupers on

March 22,23,24, 29-30, 2002

Saxe School
New Canaan, CT

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Troupers Light Opera Company is a Gilbert and Sullivan performing group in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We generally perform one show per year in the Spring and schedule other activities in the summer and fall. For further information on joining Troupers or coming to our shows, contact newsletter editor Barbara Stretton, or any member of the Board of Directors.

HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury

Show dates Mar. 22-24, Mar. 29-30, 2002

Short Attention span Plot Summaries

Lost lover litigates against languid Lothario. Legal leader leaps laughingly to wedlock.

Stalwart sailor seeks salt's scion as spouse. Secretive snack seller scotches stuffy statesman's scheme. Sailor succeeds.


Stage Director: Nate Merchant

Music Director: Keith Johnston

The Cast

pictures below

The Learned Judge - David Schancupp
Angelina - Lia Gianitsos
Edwin - David Root
Counsel - Wade Woodward
Foreman - David Shimchick
Usher - Rob Stafford
Counsel for the Defense - Guy Stretton

Captain Corcoran - Wade Woodward
Sir Joseph - Tom Zimmerman
Ralph Rackstraw - David Root
Josephine - Amy Beebe
Buttercup - Linda Palmer
Dick Deadeye - Rob Stafford
Cousin Hebe - Monica Candullo
Bosn - David Shimchick
Carpenter - Larry Welch
Sir Joseph's Equerry - Sam Steckler

Women's Chorus: Christina Richardson, Silloo Madan, Wendy Falconer, Joan Stietzel, Joyce Veishlow, Kathleen Bernadette, Maureen O'Connell, Diana Gladden, Michelle McNaughton, Anne-Marie Stack

Men's Chorus:  Bill Abbott, Jim Cooper, Guy Stretton, John Hoover, Bernie Warmflash, Dexter Anderson,  Israel Rodriguez, Richard Huie,  Paul Vidulich, Martin Diamond, Bill Lamoureux


Amy Beebe Monica Candullo Lia Gianitsos Linda Palmer
David Root David Schancupp David Shimchick Rob Stafford
Larry Welch Wade Woodward Tom Zimmerman Sam Steckler
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