Songs from the Red Mill

Act I

  1. Overture (piano version)
  2. By the side of the Mill (Company)
  3. Mignonette (Tina and Chorus)
  4. You can never tell about a woman (Burgomaster and Willem)
  5. Whistle It (Con, Kid, Tina)
  6. A widow has ways (Bertha)
  7. The isle of our dreams (Gretchen and Davis)
  8. The streets of New York (Con and Kid, and chorus)
  9. An  accident (Chorus, Countess, Featherstonhaugh, Girls and Boys)
  10. When you're pretty and the world is fair (Girls, Boys and chorus)
  11. Moonbeams (Gretchen, Davis, Chorus)

Act II

  1. Entracte- In old New York rag
  2. Gossip chorus (Chorus)
  3. The legend of the mill (Bertha and chorus)
  4. Good-a-bye John (Con, Kid, Tina)
  5. If you loved but me (Tina)
  6. I want you to marry me (Countess and Girls)
  7. Every day is ladies' day with me (Governor and Chorus)
  8. Because you're you (Governor and Bertha)
  9. Go while the going is good (Con, Kid, Tina, Gretchen, Davis)
  10. Wedding chorus (Chorus and Governor)
  11. In old New York - Finale