The Mountebanks

by W. S. Gilbert and Alfred Cellier

The Mountebanks is Gilbert's final rendering of his "magic lozenge" plot that Sullivan turned down from time to time. Instead, after the lawsuit following "carpet quarrel," Gilbert offered it eventually to Alfred Cellier, the brother of Sullivan's assistant conductor.

Introduction by Clifton Coles

Plot Summary by Arthur Robinson

This score has been produced by Jim Cooper from original midi files by Clifton Coles and Ronald Orenstein with editing by Adam Cuerden. The libretto has also been provided by Clifton Coles.

The complete score, combined from the numbers below


Act I  revised 6-6-2004


Act II revised 6-6-2004

Act II

This is a work in progress, additions and editorial changes are being made daily.

Act I

  selection singers revised
  Cover   6-6-2004
1. The Chaunt of the monks (chorus and Giorgio) 5/19/2004

Dialog after 1

2. Come all the maidens (chorus) 5/18/2004
3.  If you please (Minestra and Risotto) 5/19/2004
  Dialog after 3    
4. Only think, a Duke and a Duchess (Minestra and chorus) 5/20/2004

Dialog after 4

5. High jerry ho! (Arrostino and chorus) 5/21/2004
6. Teresa little word / Bedecked in fashion trim (Alfredo) 5-19-2004

Dialog after 6

7.  It's my opinion  (Teresa) 5-22-2004

Dialog after 7

8. Upon my word miss (Teresa, Ultrice,
 Alfredo, Elvino)
  Dialog after 8    
9. Fair maiden take pity (Teresa, Ultrice,
 Alfredo, Elvino)
10. Tabor and drum (Pietro, Bartolo, Nina,
  Dialog after 10    
10a. Now that's the sort of merriment chorus reprise 5-25-2004
11. Those days of old (Nita, Bartolo, and Pietro) 5-29-2004
  Dialog after 10a    
12a. Oh luck unequalled (Teresa and Ultrice) 5-29-2004
12b. I'm only joking (Teresa and Alfredo) 5-29-2004
12c. Duped! Rejected! (Teresa) 5-29-2004
13. 13. Act I Finale (Ensemble) 5-28-2004

Act II

14. Entracte   5-29-2004

Dialog after 14

15.  I'd be a young girl if I could (Minestra, Risotto) 5-29-2004

Dialog after 15

16. All alone to my eerie (Teresa) 5-30-2004
17. If I can catch this jolly Jack-Patch (Teresa, Minestra) 5-31-2004
18. If our action's stiff and crude (Bartolo, Nita) 5-31-2004
  Dialog after 18   5-31-2004
19.  Where gentlemen are eaten up with jealousy (Bartolo, Nita, Pietro) 5-31-2004

Time there was when earthly joy

(Arrostino, chorus) 6-1-2004
21a. When your clothes, from your hat to your socks (Pietro) 6-1-2004
  Dialog after 21a   6-1-2004
21. The Duke and Duchess hither wend their way (Luigi, Arrostino, chorus) 6-2-2004
22.  Where's my Duck-a-deary? (Teresa) 6-2-2004
  Dialog after 22   6-2-2004
23. In days gone by (Alfredo, Teresa,
Arrostino, Ultrice)
24. An hour, Nay nay. Ultrice 6-3-2004
25. Oh, please you not to go away. (Pietro, Arrostino, chorus) 6-4-2004

Dialog after 25

26. Ophelia was a dainty maid. (Nita, Bartolo, Pietro) 6-5-2004
27. Finale   6-6-2004