The Zoo

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Music by Arthur S. Sullivan and Lyrics by Bolton Rowe (B. C. Stephenson)

The complete score in one PDF

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  1. The British public

  2. I loved her fondl

  3. And now let's go back to where we were
    3a Ah Maiden Fair

  4. A Woman's Tender Heart;  (lyrics by Philip Sternenberg)
    4b.Recitative "Where is he?"

  5. Once more the face I loved so well

  6. Help! Ah help!

  7. Ho guards! Minions!

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen

  9. We gather from what you have said

  10. Where is my daughter?

  11. I'm a simple little child

  12. My father!

  13. Finale

Notes on Laetitia's "lost  song" - by Philip Sternenberg.


This score was produced from original score and midi files by Jim Cooper and by Clifton Coles.


Scrupulous editing by Adam Cuerden.