Thespis Music and Rehearsal Files

1. Throughout the night Chorus of Stars and Star solo, S&A Tenor1 Tenor2 Bass  
1a. Diana's Hunting Call    
1b. Entrance of Mercury    
2. I'm a celestial drudge Mercury with Diana and Apollo  
2b. Entrance of Jupiter    
3. Oh incident unprecedented Mercury, Diana, Mars, Apollo, Jupiter  
4. Here far away from the world Nicemis and Sparkeion  
5. Climbing over rocky mountain Chorus and solos. Sop Alto Tenor Bass  
6. I once knew a chap Thespis and chorus. Sop Alto Tenor Bass  
7. Finale I Gods:  Jupiter, Mercury, Diana, Mars, Apollo
Mortals: Thespis, Nicemis-Sparkeion-Timidon, Daphne
Chorus: Sop, Alto, Tenor, Bass
Act II    
8. Of all symposia Sillimon and Sop, Alto, Tenor, Bass  
9. Little maid of Arcadee Sparkeion  
10. Olympus is in a terrible muddle Mercury  
11. You're Diana, I'm Apollo Nicemis, Daphne, Sparkeion, Thespis  
12. Oh, rage and fury Mars, Apollo, Jupiter
12q. Oh rage and fury- quartet Diana, Mars, Apollo, Jupiter  
13. Second Ballet Divertissement    
14. Finale II Mercury, Diana, Mars, Apollo, Jupiter,
Nicemis, Daphne, Sparkeion, Timidon, Sillimon, Thespis
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass