Auditions for

The Yeomen of the Guard

by W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

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Directed by Matt Buchanan
Musical director, Christopher James Hisey

bulletWednesday October 24th, 7:30 pm, Union Memorial Church, Stamford

For appointments,

bulletcontact Jim Cooper
bulletor call 203-984-0666
bulletAll parts are open. Be prepared to sing 2 songs in English.
bulletClick here for the on-line audition information form.

Members who have recently performed with Troupers need not re-audition for chorus.

About Yeomen

The characters:

bulletSir Richard Cholmondeley, Lieutenant of the Tower, baritone
bulletColonel Fairfax (under sentence of death) - Tenor
bulletSergeant Meryll ( of the Yeomen of the Guard) - baritone
bulletLeonard Meryll (his son) - tenor
bulletJack Point - (a strolling jester)  baritone
bulletWilfred Shadbolt - (Head jailer and Assistant Tormentor) -bass
bulletElsie Maynard - (a strolling singer) soprano
bulletPhoebe Meryll - (Sergeant Meryll's daughter) - mezzo soprano
bulletDame Carruthers - Housekeeper to the Tower - Mezzo or contralto
bulletKate - her niece (Soprano)
bulletFirst Yeoman - tenor
bulletSecond Yeoman - baritone
bulletFirst Citizen
bulletSecond Citizen
bulletThe Headsman

Suggested Audition Songs

Sergeant Meryll A laughing boy 32
Colonel Fairfax Is life a boon? or

Free From his fetters grim



Leonard Meryll "The scheme is rash..." 36
Jack Point Oh, a private buffoon, or

I've jibe and joke



Wilfred Shadbolt Hereupon we're both agreed 156
Elsie Tis done, I am a bride 81
Phoebe When maiden loves 1
Dame Carruthers When our gallant Norman foes 23
Kate Strange Adventure 165
First Yeoman "Didst thou not oh Leonard Meryll" 104
Second Yeoman "This the autumn of our life" 15
Lieutenant "How say you, maiden" 65

Downloading a Vocal Score

You can download Troupers edition of the vocal score prepared for Troupers here.
This is the beta-9 version, December 29, 2007.

Order a bound copy of the score.

This score contains corrections of the hundreds of errors in the Schirmer score and includes 2 cut songs which are sometimes re-inserted. We encourage you to use this corrected and much more readable score. If you have and want to use your Schirmer score, please take note of all the errors on this errata sheet, and make these corrections in your score.

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5. Here's a man of jollity  Yeomen of the Guard: Act 1: Chorus: Here's a man of jollity .99
12b. Act I Finale  Yeomen of the Guard: Act 1: Finale: To thy fraternal care .99
12a. Oh, Sergeant Meryll is it true  Yeomen of the Guard: Act 1: Finale: Oh, Sergeant Meryll .99
22. Act II Finale  Finale .89
22. Comes the pretty young bride  Comes The Pretty Young Bride .89
18. Hark what was that sir?  Yeomen of the Guard: Act 2: Scene: Hark! What was that, sir? .99
13. Night has spread her pall  Night Has Spread Her Pall Once More .99
2. Tower warders  Yeomen of the Guard: Act 1: Chorus: Tower warders .99


The Story

Colonel Fairfax, a heroic soldier,  has been unfairly condemned to death "for dealings with the devil" through the intervention of his evil cousin and is to be put to death on Tower Green. Fairfax persuades the Lieutenant that he should be allowed to marry, anyone at all, for 100 pounds so that he does not die unmarried, thus thwarting his cousin.

Jack Point and his partner Elsie Maynard arrive and entertain the crowd.  The Lieutenant persuades Elsie to marry Fairfax just before he is to be put to death and Elsie goes off to carry out the ceremony in private, and blindfolded.

Sergeant Meryll's son Leonard arrives to join the Tower Warders, a great honor for valiant warriors, and Meryll and his flirtatious daughter Phoebe conceive a plot to have the real Leonard hide and have Fairfax appear as Meryll's son. Phoebe flirtatiously wheedles the keys from the jailer, Wilfred and Fairfax is released. Sergeant Meryll introduces his fake "son" to the Yeomen and Pheobe flirts with her "brother." The Yeomen discover that Fairfax is missing to much ado and the act end with Point realizing that Elsie, his sweetheart, is still married to someone he assumed would soon be dead.

In Act II, Dame Carruthers and the People berate the Yeomen for letting Fairfax escape. Point and Wilfred come up with a plan to pretend that Fairfax was shot while escaping, so that Elsie would again be free to marry Point.  Fairfax (as Leonard) woos Elsie successfully while showing Point how it should be done.

Wilfred uncovers the plot, and Phoebe is forced to marry him to keep him quiet. Carruthers uncovers the plot and Meryll is forced to marry her to keep her quiet. A despatch arrives pardoning Fairfax. At the wedding ceremony between Fairfax (still as Leonard)  Fairfax reveals his true identity. Point collapses and dies of a broken heart as the crowd sings joyously of their wedding.