Glossary of Unfamiliar Terms

 Racks: An instrument of torture in which the victim’s arm and leg bones could be pulled out of their sockets.

 Alchemist: “Scientists” who sought to convert base metals into gold.

 Jade: a cruel woman.

 Blunderbore: This was the giant of the Jack the Giant Killer fairy tales, a carnivorous giant who ground men’s bones to make his bread.

 Keep: The strong, innermost structure in a fort or castle.

 A-suing: Seeking justice.

 Vapidly: Without animation, flavor, or underlying content.

 Jumping Joan: A country dance.

 Lackadaydee: Affected, pensive, sentimental or artificially tender.

 Popinjay: Vain, empty-headed fop, decked out in ornamental finery. A parrot.

 Jibe: A sneering comment.

 Brain Pan: A skull.

 Odd freak: An unexpected occurrence.

 Halberd: A medieval weapon combining an ax blade and spear on a long handle.

 Double gratings: Inner and outer metal gates to the cell.

 Marks: A medieval English coin worth 13.33 shillings.

 Pall: A black cloak or cover.

 Auricular: Literally, the ear.  Here it refers to the figurative meaning of a person’s reaction to what you tell him, based on his attitudes and prejudices.

 Cock and bull tale : An unbelievable, boastful bit of fiction.

 Kirtle: A kind of short gown or jacket.

 Trolling: Singing.

 Unalloyed: Not debased, pure.

Lieutenant: Pronounced LEF-tenant in the UK.