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Cast of HMS Pinafore

Directed by Emily Trudeau
Music direction by Eric Kramer

Josephine the Captain's daughter Brett Kroeger
Ralph Rackstraw able bodied seaman Alan Briones
Sir Joseph Porter, KCB First Lord of the Admiralty David Schancupp
Captain Corcoran Captain of the Pinafore Frank Sisson
Buttercup a bumboat woman Wendy Falconer
Cousin Hebe Head cousin Suzanne Rossini
Dick Deadeye able seaman Bob Scrofani
Bill Bobstay Boatswain Erik Contzius
Bob Becket Carpenter's mate Neil Flores

Chorus: Rosa Parrotta, Jennifer Wallace, Melissa Anderson, Rob Strom, John Hoover, Jim Cooper, Bill Abbott, Guy Stretton

Cast of The Magic Knight

Directed by Marian Shulman
Music direction by James Cooper

Elsa Sings cadenzas Miran Robarts
Lohengrin the magic knight Alan Briones
Ortrud sorceress, Frederick's wife Nicole McQuade
Frederick Elsa's cousin Rob Strom
King Frederick's father Erik Contzius
Herald herald to the King John Hoover

Chorus:  Rosa Parrotta, Jennifer Wallace,  Melissa Anderson, Rob Strom, Bill Abbott, Guy Stretton, Frank Sisson, Wendy Falconer, Neil Flores, Suzanne Rossini