Patience - ensemble rehearsal files

1. Twenty lovesick maidens we Soprano   Alto
2. Still brooding/ I cannot tell what Soprano  Alto
3. The soldiers of our Queen TenorI  Tenor II  Baritone  Bass
4. In a doleful train Soprano  Alto  Dragoons
5. When I first put this uniform on Tenor  Bass  Colonel
9. Let the merry cymbals sound 1-170 Soprano Alto
  Tenor1 Tenor2
9. Come walk up 171-350 Soprano Alto
  Tenor Bass
9. I hear the soft note 351-392 Ella Soprano
  Saphir Alto
AngelaJane Tenor
  Duke Bass
9. O List while we our love... 441-489 Patience/Ella Soprano
  Saphir Alto
  AngJane Tenor
  Duke Bass
10. On such eyes as maidens cherish Soprano Alto
12. Turn oh turn in this direction Soprano Alto
13. A magnet hung in a hardware shop Maidens  
16. It's clear that medieval art Duke Major
17. If Saphir I choose to marry Saphir Duke
  Angela Major
19. I'm a Waterloo House young man Soprano Alto
20. After much debate internal SaphirElla Soprano
  Angela Alto
  Duke Tenor
  Bunthorne Bass